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Welcome to Table of the Lord

Welcome to Table of the LORD

                             We welcome you to Table of the Lord. 2017

We hope you find something to help you along your path to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We are a Christian site. We ask that everyone using the site acts like ladies and gentlemen. Some doctrines, comments and blogs may be controversial. We welcome good discussion without becoming ungracious or insulting. When a new blog opens up for comment please stay on subject. If we are dealing with pollution please don’t bring up abortion. If we are dealing with abortion please don’t bring up pollution. We want good discussions. The site is created for some edge. Please lets remain Christian with tolerance. We all have a right to our opinion.

There are certain static doctrines on the site that will always remain. These are the doctrinal blogs and some of our main perspectives. The static doctrinal expositions will end with, “closing for doctrines.” Then there will be interactive blogs. There will be Bible studies recorded for you to download and hear from brother Joe. These studies will go under “Audio Teachings by Joe” but also under various doctrinal topics, that the studies pertain too. We also have a page for Bible maps and the Holy Land. The site is a on going work.

We want people to share Christian music, books, art etc. Lets be creative, loving, controversial and real. We welcome you. 

We are a community of people who believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior according to the Holy Scriptures. 


We believe that the church is the ‘called out ones’ and not a denomination, organization or institution of man. 

John 10:30 “My sheep hear my voice.” With this light we support the whole of Christendom, not just one local work. 

Our work in this site is to show the light we are given, knowing different works walk in the light they have been given. 

There is no joining Jesus Christ with memberships of men’s design. You must be called by the Lord and follow the path of the Holy Spirit’s leading according to your unique regenerated conscience. 

This site is meant to help you along the way, not to get you to join us. Some people will be called to this work but that decision is between you and the Lord. Other people are just passing through. Some will just use one aspect of the ministry here and are already part of another main work they are committed to.

We support other works and will mention many of them, post events they are having, etc. on, “Works, Sites, Blogs.”

Though we adamantly stand for what we have been given we do not think other churches are all wrong or lost. 

Many churches excel in different areas. Some have great teachers, others great music and song ministries, others excellent preaching. Some churches emphasize social justice and work with the poor, others work with various immigrants and ethnic groups. Some gatherings are quiet and contemplative, others fervent in worship. Some works are small and intimate, others big and exciting. 

We are thankful for all who are being reached or helped by any work that preaches the cross, blood and resurrection.

Some people who come to the studies I give and are apart of Table of the Lord go to other gatherings as well. Good! They belong to our Jesus not me. They must work out their own salvation and find their way. They are not commodities or cogs to fit into a system for the systems sake.

We are only a small part of the mystical body of Christ. We are not here to compete with others, just display the Truth as it has been revealed to us. We must be tolerant, “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it with religious conviction. ” Blaise Pascal. “

Our definition of growth is not numbers but quality in the sense of inward growth. We believe in prayer and in each person having a deep personal walk with God.

One of our main axioms is, “We don’t make money from people seeking spirituality and truth,” thus all writings here are not copyrighted or for sale. They cannot be sold.  Secondly, we will always try to operate at the lowest overhead possible, understanding people pay for works, buildings and visions of leaders.

Our mission is to always be helpful with tolerance, patience and love in light of the understanding that the church is Jesus Christ’s.  Brother Joe